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St. Louis Sammy Sightings – December, 2011

Posted on 29 November 2011 by susan9472

Each December, SLSR volunteers wrap gifts for St. Louis area Barnes & Noble customers.  Often, we have a Samoyed manning the table as well.  They aren’t very talented at gift wrapping, but they do an excellent job receiving pets and giving kisses!

Stay tuned, we will post our wrapping schedule in the near future.


Former SLSR Foster Mo, Gift Wrapping 12/10

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Posted on 16 November 2011 by admin

MoMo was one of several Samoyeds rescued in 2010 when their owner, who fell ill, was no longer able to care for the dogs.  Known at the Miracle  7, the dogs had been left alone in a home for some time while the owner was in the hospital.  MoMo, 3 years old at the time, needed some TLC post rescue. Due to matted fur, he had to be completely shaved. Foster parents Kevin and Susan Wheeler loving applied sunblock to his very pink skin.

After meeting MoMo at a charity softball game, his forever family fell in love.  Mo, as his name was shortened to, now lives with Angela and Glen in St. Louis and lives for long walks at his neighborhood park and plenty of squeaky toy fun!

Mo's first day in foster care Mo with his forever parents


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Posted on 16 November 2011 by admin

Ziggy was a rescue in the kennel that I worked in. The day he came in I immediatly fell in love with him and from that day on I spent all of my spare time in his kennel playing with him and spoiling him.

I am going through a divorce and I am raising 3 children on my own, my kids and I finally got a place of our own and I decided to adopt him and make him a part of our family and our new life. Ziggy came to us on November, 20 2007 and it was one of the best decisions I have made. Ziggy has fit in even better than I ever imagined. He absolutely loves my kids and he is very protective of me. He checks on the kids when he thinks something is wrong. When I come home by myself and bring him in the house from his kennel the first thing he does is run into the kids room to look for them. Ziggy is a very affectionate dog he loves giving kisses and my kids love giving them back. When he is in the house with us he either lays on my bed or lays on the couch right beside me if he is not making us pet him and rub his belly (haha). Ziggy is the best dog a person could want, and he deserves it after the rocky life he has lived in his short life.

Thank You to everyone that has helped bring Ziggy home.

Ziggy Lounges On The Couch

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Posted on 16 November 2011 by admin

Blue began his life in a Missouri puppy mill and would have faced a very bleak future filled with neglect and abuse. But fate stepped in and the puppy mill was closed down. When St. Louis Samoyed Rescue heard about Blue’s need for a new home, volunteers drove nearly 200 miles to rescue him. They brought him to St. Louis, got him medical help and took him to a very special kennel where he could rest, play and be pampered.

Because St. Louis Samoyed Rescue was overwhelmed with dogs at that time, they asked for help. There were several National Samoyed Rescue groups that asked for Blue and it was decided that he would go to San Francisco Samoyed Rescue group. The NSR sent grant money to St. Louis to pay for his trip and expenses.

Blue was chauffeured first to Columbia, MO, then on to Lawrence, KS, and finally to Denver, CO. He stayed there for a few days of rest and relaxation with Denver Samoyed Rescue. Then he took the final leg of his journey on a flight to San Francisco where he was met and whisked to his foster home. Once there, he settled in and learned how great being in a loving home could be. Blue is now in his forever home with a wonderful family and a Sammy for a best pal.

Blue at the time he was rescued Blue with his forever family

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Posted on 16 November 2011 by admin

Update 2/10/13 – Tukee passed away in 1/13.  He was loved very much and cared for by his foster dad, Dan.

***UPDATE Tukee is now an SLSR permanent foster, and loves living with his foster dad, Dan***

Tukee (Too-key), around 10 years old,  is a very friendly dog and hasnt met a person he didn’t like. He is well behaved on walks, not even trying to chase after the squirrels no matter how much they taunt him.

Tukee loves to cuddle, often lying next to his foster parent for hours. Tiny puppies may not be a good idea, but only because he is so playful he might step on them. He is not aggressive, even when taking a chew toy away from him.

His favorite snacks are tissues and paper so bathroom doors may need to remain closed. He is also a counter surfer..if its within reach, hell eat it. :o)

Tukee is a very lively, energetic and loving Sammie and will make a wonderful companion for a family that is active and likes to walk. Tukee must have a home with a solid privacy fence at least 6 high. He is an expert escape artist and can climb or dig under a chain link fence or a similar type.

Tukee is up to date on all of his vaccinations, heartworm negative, neutered and is micro chipped.


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