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Chico – Adopted

Posted on 05 May 2016 by susan9472











Photo taken 12/15 when Chico first arrived.

Chico is an 11+ year old Samoyed male. Before arriving at St. Louis Samoyed Rescue, he was an outside dog. His owner took him to St. Charles Animal Control because he was getting “grumpy.”

The following info is from Chico’s foster dad, Dan:

Chico tries his best to be good. His problem is mostly that he never really had the chance to learn how to be good. ┬áHe barks at people and dogs when on walks. It’s a tail-waggin’ happy bark, but tends to scare folks off.

He’s learning how to play at home, but it is a bit rough-and-tumble, so he probably wouldn’t be good with small children, mostly because he’s likely to knock them over by accident. His appetite is fairly good, but I’m afraid I’ve gotten him used to being hand-fed some moist food every evening (he wasn’t eating at all at first).

Chico is quite affectionate, and will hop up onto the futon/bed to snuggle off to sleep most nights. But he’s also fine┬ásleeping on the floor or the Kuranda bed I have here.

Chico does have a few “quirks.” He has habit of licking (not to the point of skin irritation). He’s fine riding in the car as long as he doesn’t know he’s going to the vet. This he doesn’t like at all. He needed to be sedated for the visits to the vet. He doesn’t like his ears examined at all. He’s still not too keen on brushing, but he’s slowly getting better with that.

Chico is a sweet Sammy boy and he would love to find a home with a family that would love him for himself and give him the spoiling that he deserves.

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