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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about adopting a Samoyed?
You may call us at 314-867-4755. We will be happy to talk to you about what Samoyeds we may have available and to answer the many questions you will no doubt have about the breed. We could even make arrangements for you to meet a Sammy in person. We are also often at pet adoption events.

If I decide I would like to make a Sammy part of my life, what is the adoption procedure?
We provide an adoption application form to complete. We will want to make a home visit. (Remember, these dogs have already had at least one home – we want to make sure the one we find is for the rest of their lives.) It lso very important to match the right dog to the right family, and that is our major concern. We want to find just the dog you have dreamed about, and we hope you will wonder how you lived without him!

How do I know this dog is healthy?
Before a rescue dog is even taken to a foster home, he has a checkup with a veterinarian. He receives all of his shots (unless an owner provides records). He lso checked for heartworm and other internal parasites. Before he is placed in a new home, he will be neutered or spayed and microchipped for identification. The foster home will be able to evaluate the dog’s temperament; ascertain if he is housetrained; whether or not he can live with children, cats, or other dogs; and establish any other special requirements for the dog’s placement.

What if for some reason later on, I can’t keep the dog any longer?
When you sign your adoption papers, you will also sign an agreement that the dog must be returned to Samoyed Rescue.

Do you charge people to adopt your rescue dogs?
We have a $250 adoption fee. While that might sound a bit expensive for a dog that needs a home, please remember that this is probably close to what we have spent on the dog to make him ready for adoption. It is not unusual for us to spend considerably more on some of our “special needs” rescues.

Are there any other requirements?
Yes. Our dogs are placed only as family pets and are not used for any other purpose. They may participate in any of the dog activities (agility, therapy, sledding and others), of course, because these are simply recreations in which any family pet might be involved.

What if I want to adopt a Samoyed and you don’t have the right dog for me?
We are always glad to keep the names of prospective adopters and their requirements, and we will call you whenever we have a dog that might suit your circumstances. Although we do not have large numbers of Samoyeds for adoption, new ones are taken in quite regularly, and we might find just the one for you.

I’ve never had a dog before and wonder if I would know how to care for and train one.
We have many people in our group from all over the St. Louis and St. Charles areas who would be able to counsel and assist you with whatever help you need. We really want to stay in touch with our new Sammy families!

And of course, when you adopt one of our wonderful dogs, we strongly hope that you will join St. Louis Samoyed Rescue and/or the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club – lots of fun people who do fun things with their dogs!

If you have any other questions please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.