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About Us

About Us

St. Louis Samoyed Rescue was founded in 1984 by several Samoyed owners who were concerned about the welfare of abandoned and unwanted Samoyeds. Incorporated in the state of Missouri, we are one of the oldest continuing breed specific rescue groups in the St. Louis area.

During our 20 years of rescue work, we have placed over 200 Samoyeds. We have seen old, rejected dogs find love and security in happy family situations and frightened, unsocialized puppy mill dogs blossom into the “class clowns” in obedience class. Many of our adopted Sams have become certified therapy dogs, bringing smiles to nursing home residents or participate in “Safety Sam” programs, helping school children learn to be safe around dogs.

Not only have we helped the Sammys, we have touched lives, either by finding new homes for them when their owners were facing divorce, illness or death, bringing a Sammy smile to someone who is lonely or filling an empty space in the heart when a previous pet has passed on. The Sams have brought joy and love in the form of a white fur coat and a happy heart into many lives.

We have grown from the original four to twenty-plus members. We currently operate with a seven-member board of directors and many volunteers and supporters. We have a program to care for Senior dogs and are active in fund raising events, along with activities we sponsor just for the fun of spending time with our Samoyeds. We are affiliated with National Samoyed Rescue and listed on Petfinder.

St. Louis Samoyed Rescue is an approved 501.c.3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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